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My name is Cyril Mechkov. I have taught analog, digital and microcomputer circuits for almost 40 years at the Computer Systems Department of the Technical University of Sofia.

My pursuit is to reveal the fundamental ideas behind circuits and show them to students and web readers. I do this relying more on my imagination, intuition and emotions than on the pure logic and reasoning... I prefer to understand and explain instead to learn and tell circuits to students... So I have my own circuit "philosophy" and try to share it with people.

I have been trying to do it in web since 2002 when started with a great enthusiasm my site of I created it by means of Macromedia Flash (now Adobe). Unfortunately, Adobe stopped their Flash Player... but still there is a way to watch Flash movies - Ruffle Flash emulator. You can add their extension to your browser (see also another explanation).

Then, in 2006, I stopped developing and joined Wikipedia because of its highest Google rank. I still managed to pass a lot of my ideas out there before the orthodox wikipedians ban me (see the list of links in my user page). My greatest achievement there was the page about Miller theorem (completely written by me).

In the next 2007, I created Circuit Idea wikibook where I began exposing my circuit philosophy.

In the beginning of 2013, I decided to continue my pursuit in the scientific network ResearchGate. My intention there was to do the same like in Wikibooks but in the more interesting form of dialogues.

In the middle of 2020, I joined the new Codidact platform. I asked three questions, answered 14 questions and published 12 papers.

Finally, I came to the conclusion that, in addition to all these forums, I have to document my materials in my own place which is convenient and easy to use. That is why, in the end of 2020, I decided to create the blog Circuit Stories. My idea was to use it as a common place for my materials (past, present and future) accompanied with additional info about how they are created and the circumstances around them.

I hope I will find here people sharing this philosophy.

You can write to my gmail "cmechkov..." (replace the ellipsis with

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