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Oleg Valter is with Ukraine's user avatar
Oleg Valter is with Ukraine's user avatar
Oleg Valter is with Ukraine's user avatar
Oleg Valter is with Ukraine
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If you want to really make a real dent in the horrible situation revolving around Ukraine, consider making a donation (or any form of support) to international or local humanitarian aid organizations and open initiatives such as:

  • UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund)
  • ICRC in Ukraine (International Committee of the Red Cross)
  • SUN Initiative (Support Ukraine Now)

Due to the actions of Stack Exchange, Inc. alienating their most dedicated user base, I am no longer active on the network and cordially invite you to join me on an open source non-profit alternative — Codidact. We'd love all the help we can get, be it content or source code contributions 💗.

Full-stack developer specializing in:

  • TypeScript
  • Node.js runtime
  • PostgreSQL
  • Google Apps Script



  1. Various snippets for tasks like extracting odd/even elements, delaying callbacks, mapping & filtering, etc.
    + solutions for common problems like splitting balanced strings, converting roman numbers to decimal and others.

Google Apps Script

  1. Common errors, explanations & solutions;
  2. Web App self-help questionnaire;
  3. Replacing file in a GDrive folder by name;
  4. Transposing cells in a Spreadsheet (customizable);
  5. Google Calendar events and GSheets sync;
    + Web App bundle for event created via script
  6. Promise-friendly


  1. Exposes modules' globally defined classes, functions or variables.
    + Support for module importing
    + Fallbacks for non-existent files / folders
    + Custom grep on output
    + Flexible source and dest config
    + Available as npm package

  2. Streams source files into distribution.
    + Support for both CLI and API usage
    + Config file support with auto search
    + Supports TypeScript
    + Available as GitHub package*

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