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Hi there 👋🏻! I'm an avid Swift and SwiftUI fan, with experience making some pretty complex SwiftUI apps.

My Projects

One of my SwiftUI projects which might be of interest is Swiftcord, a native Discord client for macOS built fully in SwiftUI. Oh..., if only Apple fixed all the bugs in SwiftUI, it would be the dream UI framework!

Swiftcord in action

Other than SwiftUI, I also have experience building web apps leveraging latest technologies with React and vanilla JavaScript (and TypeScript). Check out this beautifully functional WebAuthn demo, built in TypeScript with React!

Other Projects

I also have experience with a plethora of languages/frameworks, but currently don't actively develop in them. Some of my creations are included below, in case you'd like to try them out:

  • PowerToYou - A cross-platform (Apple & Android) battery tracker built in Jetpack Compose
  • OurSQL - A terribly basic but beautiful SQL database GUI frontend painfully built in JavaFX
  • terminal-whatsapp - Use WhatsApp right from your terminal! Might be broken, built in NodeJS

Reaching Me

You'd like to discuss something related to one of my projects or just chat? I'm flattered! Do check out my GitHub for more about me or join Swiftcord's server where I'm very active in!

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