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An avid user of Computers and Technology for over 35 years. Partial programmer but Total Systems Engineer. For the purposes of this site though I am mostly a hacker its original form - but only for good!

Please take a look at The Tour if you are new. I appreciate your thanks if you gave it, I will not publicly acknowledge it - to limit comments.

I try to be as accurate and as succinct as reasonable- please let me know if I am not. Many people operate at differing levels so please do let me know if I am explaining to much or too little. However, this is a questions and answers site and so answers should be standalone and answer the question fully.

I also review and edit some posts so please do not be offended if your answer is marked as not being complete etc - stackexchange does not support "me too" posts, or raising similar questions within answers.

I am a true believer in diversity and inclusion - so yes there is no best OS, Hardware or Software for everyone :-)

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