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Started coding in the mid 1970s in everything (Assembly, basic, fortran, c, apl, forth, c++, lisp, cobol, R/basic, jcl, pl/1, etc.). Moved into other areas (Networking, QA, project management, DBA, security, risk management, Auditing, config management, etc.) in the late 1990's and recently started working with Anaconda Python and Pandas. Amazed at all the capabilities, befuddled by simple things like converting data structures and understanding syntactical oddities.

Active Certs: PMP, CISSP, CISA, CISM, CRISC, CGEIT Inactive Certs: Ethical Hacking, CSDP, CSSLP, CBRA Ed: BS, MBA Certificates: Strategic Decisions & Risk Management, Stanford Advanced Project Management, Data Science (in progress - 30% complete)

Those whom the gods destroy, they first give computers.

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