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Charles Byrne
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I'm a programmer that deals with various programming languages. I have about 11 years of programming experience. I give many thanks to John Walkenbach (Hey this looks like markdown syntax. It is!) and his Excel 5 For Windows Power Programming Techniques Book circa 94 or 95. It's what got me started in the fun and sometimes challenging madness we call programming. I cut my teeth in VBA for Excel and Outlook automation while I was an accountant. I made the career change to a programmer and jumped right into mainframe JCL, CLIST, REXX, then to client-server, then to web

I'm a little behind on the .Net framework at 4.6, but still developing/maintaining legacy web forms. I also maintain various programs in different stages of conversion to web apps.

I love the concept of the .Net Framework in that it seems like the best replacement to using the windows API and other low level programming. .Net allows you to quickly write a code and abstract some of the details and it also lets you safely "dig deep" when you need to. I had thought J2EE was going to be my focus, but it seems that C# and .Net will be for now.

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