Flood risk consultant specialising in hydraulic modelling for delivery of flood modelling projects. Take projects from pre-start consultations and site visits with EA/NRW/SEPA through to 1D/2D model build, calibration and post-processing of results. Production of reports, technical drawings and GIS outputs.

Contact: 01824 702 220 Email: david.hughes@waterco.co.uk

Specialties: Detailed 1D/2D hydraulic modelling (Flood Modeller [aka ISIS], TUFLOW, MIKE FLOOD, HEC-RAS), breach assessments, coastal modelling, reservoir inundation mapping, flood risk assessments, flood consequences assessments, natural approaches to flood risk management, drainage design, GIS (ArcGIS + Spatial Analyst, MapInfo + Vertical Mapper, QGIS, Global Mapper), software development (Visual Basic, Python, MapBasic)