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TODAY, a Mobile Phone developer.

- Started on IBM 1620's

- Co-authored one of the first Disk Operating Systems for the IBM 1401/1410, which was sold to IBM and delivered to all 14xx systems in India for 20 years

- Ran a data center for East African Airways in Nairobi Kenya of 2 back-to-back IBM s/370's

- Computerized the coffee industry in Kenya from grower to international auction, on Wang VS's

- Wrote multi-tasking product "PrintStream" for MSDOS and Windows 3.0 (real mode)

- Founded WorldPassage, one of the early ISP's in Mill Valley CA in 1994

- Did network security consulting

- got white hair and became unemployable

- Have been learning Objective-C and Cocoa Touch, loving programming again

- Have published my iPhone app in the Apple App Store

----Thanks to everybody who has given me a hand in this latest journey. I love it but what a change of mindset into the object oriented world from the procedural programming world I have grown up in. :)

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