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Would you recommend a Raspberry Pi as a remote file backup device?
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I also think this is a good setup. I currently do run a Raspberry Pi, connected directly with a 3.5'' USB 2.0 hard disk (Western Digital, 1.5 TB) with external power, and it works like a charm: I get ...

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Low bandwidth internet over VPN
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On low-powered devices, at least when using SSH, I've had good experience using the RC4 cipher to improve performance since it's computationally faster, so uses less CPU for the bandwidth/allows ...

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External Hard-drive backing up using Time-Machine
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Many guides explain how to setup a Raspberry as a Time Capsule. Time Machine needs a different protocol, so you need to install netatalk (see below). To support the two IPs, you should be able to add ...

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How to install the Java JDK on Raspberry Pi
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Nowadays, instead of the Early Access JDK 8, you can install the hardfloat version of Oracle JDK 7, which has full support from Oracle (unlike the JDK 8). Oracle's current download page (the same as ...

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