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  • Maharashtra, India

I'm Engineer & an Sr. Data Scientist with interest in applied AI and software development. I love working with and contributing to open source projects. Professional Computer Vision & ML/DL Expert with several years of experience in researching and implementing optimized deployment solutions for various target platforms. Proven experience in deploying end-to-end ML/DL solutions to various hardware specific chipset's including Intel, NVIDIA boards(Jetson), ARM boards(Raspberry-Pi) and Android NDK's.

class Swap(Minimalist):
  def __init__(self):
    self.professional_status = {
      "role" : "Associate Solution Architect", 
      "company" : "Vicon-Security LLC",
    self.degree_status = {
      "level" : "BE", 
      "subject" : "Computer Science",
      "institution" : "SGB University",
    self.languages = ["python", "java", "C/C++"]
    self.py_datasci_stack = ["opencv", "numpy", "scikit-learn", "keras", "pytorch"] = ["dvc", "git", "android-studio", "vs-code"]
  def main(self):
    if not self:
      self = self.__init__()

My Specializations & Expertise

  • Understanding the problem statement & finding best optimal solution.
  • Technical decision making & finalizing solution technology.
  • Leading ML engineers along with MLOps data associates.
  • Evaluating and Researching with various ML/DL algorithms which suits high level problem requirements.
  • Responsible for establishing and managing MLOps and complex ML workflow pipeline along with source & data version control system.
  • Leading team of ML Developers & Feature Engineers along with manual data annotation developers.
  • Experience in working with PyTorch deep learning framework for design and implementation of CNN's for image recognition, classification, retrieval problems.
  • Deciding optimization strategies for complex computer vision based deep learning problems.
  • Experience in deploying pre-trained NN models to highly optimized IE's including NVIDIA TensorRT, Intel Openvino, TFlite and Android NDK's.

Prior Experience

  • Developed an simple 16-bit operating system, approached towards creating 32-bit protected mode CLI based kernel.
  • Good understanding of operating system internals and also Linux kernel internals.
  • Good experience in computer vision & machine learning
  • Production infrastructure setup and maintenance on Amazon AWS platform ( EC2, RDS, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, Route 53, S3 ).
  • Have good hands on practice in Java and python.
  • Also have good experience in android application development since last 6 years.
  • Assisted in research work regarding Network Security in TCP/IP stack implemented in Linux Kernel.
  • Assisted in many research oriented as well as commercial computer vision and data science projects.
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