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Powering from a non-dedicated power source
2 votes

You seem to be misunderstanding how current works. Voltage is constant and has to be exact (it's the potential difference). As long as both devices are 5V, it will work fine, as far as voltage. ...

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Using old D-Link Wifi stick
Accepted answer
2 votes

In Debian, there is a WiFi utility icon on the desktop and in the menu on the latest version. I don't know about Raspbmc. To get to it go to the menu > Internet > wpa_gui and select your device and ...

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Home cloud server with raspberryPI. What caveats I may get?
0 votes

So as model A has only single port, and model B only 2 with ethernet, I think it is far more better to buy a model a and a hub, so I will be able to use wifi adapter, my HDD and some other devices as ...

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