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Loran Mutafov
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My code is cleaner than my room.™️

Software Engineer with hundreds of years of experience (or feels like it anyway). Started programming when I was 14, did a project for the NY Times at 16.

BE toolbelt: Go SQL NoSQL REST GraphQL
FE toolbelt: React React Native Redux Apollo
DevOps: Docker Kubernetes Terraform GCP GKE PubSub AWS EKS, ECS SNS, SQS

  • CI/CD: Github Actions GitLab CI Jenkins Groovy CircleCI
    Mgmt: Agile - Kanban & Scrum Spotify model - tribes, squads, pods, guilds

Obviously: Git Linux macOS Windows Bash & Shell HTML CSS

Currently building: a 9-node cluster of Intel NUCs and other machines with NixOS and Colmena, which will run a Vault HA deployment via Raft, a Kubernetes cluster, a Ceph cluster, and a few other services.

Passionate about drumming, acting, sports involving balance (*boarding, skiing), and of course, software, and somewhat hardware and machine learning.

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