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My name is Renoir, I am an experienced full-stack developer, I have a broad and deep understanding of the Open Web stack, Front-end and Server Techniques to build, deploy and maintain Web sites that scale.

  • Polyglot programmer; JavaScript, PHP, TypeScript, Salt Stack, GNU Make, Python, Go, Ruby, Vagrant, Puppet
  • Contributor to open-source projects such as Nuxt.js, Alpine Linux, MediaWiki (i.e. and Mozilla Firefox Accounts (i.e.Firefox’s profile sign-in system)
  • Maintained Web Hosting architecture for high-visibility sites, including W3C’s WebPlatform project, and the World Wide Web’s 25th anniversary Site
  • Experience with Cloud IaaS, Containers, and maintenance of continuous deployment systems

Notice: I’m no longer an Incorporated Contractor, it is therefore likely I won’t be available to talk job opportunities on my employers’ paid time.

I only connect on LinkedIn when I have done business

Refer to or for the most recent resume.

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