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Hi. I'm fine. ;-)

I'm working on my own for years. You need me? That's ok. I'm a helpful fellow. ;-)

I know the old - and - new tech. From Windows 3.11 and VB6 (Visual Basic 6) to .net core dependency injection and virtualization. Real programmers don't mind. Over 20 years of experience on different play-fields: Tennis, Cycling, No soccer!, Finance, Health and straight forward administration.

I say a lot of 'uhhh'. That's just because I don't talk tech to you. My 'uhhh' is when I'm translating tech to you (human) (I hope). Please give me a moment. ;-)

Broad experience. Over 20 yrs development. But I'm also in hyper-vising, server, database (server), webserver. Even hosting and pfSense.

I'm like a jukebox. If you only have the right penny...

Feel free to Contact me.



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