I currently thought about making an IRL Streaming Backpack just for fun and I think I have everything together now except the Mobile connection Part. The Backpack will work like follows:

  • I have a Backpack with a Raspberry PI and a Webcam attached to it.
  • The Raspberry Pi will be streaming this Webcam Footage to an RTMP Server hosted in my Home where I have stable Internet
  • The Pi will be connected with 1 or more internet connections (probably more because Internet here in Germany is more than bad lol)

Now my question: How would I connect the Pi to the Internet?

  • Would I just need to create a Hotspot on my Phone? (I have an unlimited Flat and Medium coverage)
  • Would I need to get like one or two Mobile USB "Routers" and put in a new SIM Card with new Flats (Oh, its gonna be expensive xD)

Thanks in advance :)

  • Sorry, but your question is far to broad. We cannot give a complete tutorial how to manage network and internet connections with a Raspberry Pi. Please have a look at Get started with Raspberry Pi and try its solutions, in particular shown in section "configuration". If you get stuck with one of it, then please ask about its details.
    – Ingo
    Sep 23, 2020 at 9:04

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  • WiFi Hotspot, USB or Bluetooth tethering to a mobile.

  • USB mobile broadband stick directly connected to the Raspberry Pi.

  • An external mobile hotspot router.

All of abowe is feasible solutions.

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