I tried to run the command to test if my device supports monitor mode,

airmon-ng start wlan-0

and this is the error is received,

ERROR adding monitor mode interface: command failed: Operation not supported (-95)

Apparently i am using a raspberry pi 4 model B for network scanning but it does not support monitor mode for this to happen, can anyone suggest me a way to have this mode on my device.

  • Off the top of my head: did you try running that with sudo, and is your interface really called wlan-0, and not wlan0? And then, there's always the option to buy a USB stick with a recommended chipset. Mar 3 at 16:46

If you look at the chip configuration on the RasPi with:

rpi ~$ iw list
Wiphy phy0
--- snip ---
    Supported interface modes:
             * IBSS
             * managed
             * AP
             * P2P-client
             * P2P-GO
             * P2P-device
--- snap ---

There is no monitor mode available, so you are out of luck with sniffing WiFi networks with a Raspberry Pi. There is a project nexmon on github that patches the WiFi firmware to make the monitor mode available. Seems not to be an easy task but you may have a look at it.

For some additional information you can also look at Enable monitor mode.

You may consider to purchase an additional USB/WiFi dongle that supports monitor mode.


I ran the aircrack program with my Raspberry Pi 4 8 gig approximately 1 week ago. I had no issues setting the internal WiFi interface into monitor mode.

Then again I was running Kali on the pi hardware. Although that shouldn't matter I don't think.


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