I want compile an OpenCV program on Raspberry, the problem is that I didn't figure out how to do so. I installed OpenCV following this guide.

$ pkg-config --modversion opencv

OpenCV can be found in /home/pi/opencv-2.4.10

I use code::blocks, I found several guide on how to use that on linux in general, but not on Raspberry. One guide on how to set up code::Blocks helped me to understand, but I didn't solve the issue because despite I set compiler and linker path, in linker settings I have anything.

  • I used as compiler path: /home/pi/opencv-2.4.10/include/opencv and /home/pi/opencv-2.4.10/include/opencv
  • and as linker path: /home/pi/opencv-2.4.10/build/lib

What's wrong with my configuration?

  • what is the error message and what is the command you are using to generate it?
    – rob
    Jan 26, 2015 at 11:58

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I found out that I have to add manually all the libraries in /home/pi/opencv-2.4.10/build/lib, simply go to linker settings and click on add button and select all them.

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