I have just acquired a Raspberry Pi Camera Board, and recorded a 5 second test video clip with

raspivid -t 5000 -o vid.h264

I am a complete novice with video, so I would please like to know how I can view this clip. If there is a general tutorial on video on the RPi, please could you direct me to it?

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There is an command-line utility called omxplayer which will use the Raspberry Pi's VideoCore IV GPU to play video at 1080p resolution. Open up a terminal window (from the Desktop menu or by pressing Windows-key+R and then typing lxterminal). On the command line type omxplayer vid.h264 and the video should play.

  • A brilliant answer, that (omxplayer vid.h264) worked perfectly, so thank you Phil B..I have marked this as the answer I wanted, but I would still like to read a general account of video on the RPi. If necessary I will ask this as a separate question. Sep 24, 2015 at 16:32

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