I'm not able to start the cron daemon automatically on Raspbmc. I tried to configure an upstart and an init script but had no luck.

  • Are you using an older release candidate of RaspBMC? I had similar problems getting samba to start on boot and it turned out to be descrepancies between the release candidate I was using and the incremental updates which had been applied. I ended up having to rebuild my sd card from the latest build to get it sorted. Dec 19, 2012 at 14:40

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Under raspbmc settings, activate Cronjob scheduler


You can set it via the settings as per user9428's answer, and also activate by setting the following to true:

<setting id="sys.service.cron" value="true" />

in the following file:


Replace .xbmc with .kodi if you're on Kodi already.

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