Are there any Raspberry Pi hats which allow to shut down the Pi by pressing a button ?

Are there any DIY open hardware projects which describe step-by-step how to build such a hat ?


No, but there are open software options, such as Adafruit's GPIO-Halt which'll do what you ask, with a default pin of #21, which is the last pin on J8. You change the pin in the .c file, if desired.


This 'Pi Supply Switch – On/Off Power Switch for Raspberry Pi' might be of interest to you: Pi Supply Switch


I use a Button that flips in 2 ways. One for sending a signal to a GPIO Pin to shut it down via software. And the other to the RUN pin to start it back up again.


To anyone still interested in this question, this might be worth noting as a prepackaged solution: Pimoroni: OnOff SHIM.

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