can anybody tell me how I can flip the mirror image output in motioneye .I am using a pi3 with a v2 8meg pi camera with the latest pi3 motioneyeos.I have now tested 3 different cameras with the same pi3 running the same pi3 motion software and the results were. Usb web camera works perfectly. Pi camera version 1 works perfectly. pi camera version 2 works but camera image is mirrored. Can anybody tell me if this is a os issue or pi camera issue.

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    May 17, 2016 at 23:14

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yes Grant it was me....still learning. I have decided to post the answer to my own question from a post i found from someone called Gavros:

If you are using the motioneyeos image, you can fix this by doing the following:

ssh into your device using putty.

create this file using the nano command:

nano /data/etc/userinit.sh add the below line into the userinit.sh file

v4l2-ctl --set-ctrl horizontal_flip=1

save and reboot your device.

Thanks Gavros worked for me problem sorted.


I'm using the "motion" program but not under motioneyeos. I was able to flip the image by putting the above mentioned "v4l2-ctl" command into /etc/rc.local and reboot. Works great!

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