I'm working through the HAT design guide to work out what kind of EEPROMs I can use.

To quote it:

  • 24Cxx type 3.3V I2C EEPROM must be used (some types are 5V only, do not use these).
  • The EEPROM must be of the 16-bit addressable type (do not use ones with 8-bit addressing)
  • Do not use 'paged' type EEPROMs where the I2C lower address bit(s) select the EEPROM page.
  • Only required to support 100kHz I2C mode.
  • Devices that perform I2C clock stretching are not supported.
  • Write protect pin must be supported and protect the entire device memory.

I would like to clarify a few things:

  1. Where it says the type "24Cxx" must be used: if an EEPROM has the prefix 24C, does this mean it might still be 5v only? And if it has that prefix, does that still mean it might not be 16-bit addressable, might be paged, might perform clock stretching, and might not have a WP pin that protects the entire memory?
  2. To save a lot of work, is there a list of potentially suitable EEPROMs?

Don't know about a list but I used this part from DigiKey: CAT24C32YI-GT3, part #CAT24C32YI-GT3OSCT-ND. I was able to program it...and then read it.

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