I've recently revived my Raspberry Pi B, which is not nearly as powerful as the 3's that are out now. I've resorted to using it as a media hub for all of my hard drives and large flash drives as network shares. Because neither my desktop nor my surface have disk drives or floppy drives, I have attached a floppy drive via USB and plan to do the same with my USB CD drive as soon as it arrives however I have already had a problem with the floppy drive as I can read files but I can't write to them. Here are my following configurations for the fstab and samba configuration files:


Output omitted

[FLDRIVE] writeable = yes path = /media/fldrive


/dev/sdb1 /media/fldrive vfat defaults 0 0

Any ideas?


Edit: Yes, the floppy disk is set to read/write


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Try force user

Someone in an archived Red Hat mailing list was having the same issue:

While I am able to share /mnt/floppy, and it appears to work for read access, I am unable to give write permissions to /dev/fd0 (mounted as /mnt/floppy) to any Samba users.

The solution was the force user option in samba.conf:

On 1 Jul 2003 at 22:00, Steeve McCauley wrote:

You'll want to play with the

force user

force group

force create mode

force directory mode

options in smb.conf. "man 5 smb.conf" for details.

Thanks Steeve, force user did the trick. I should have tried that myself, but for some obscure reason I was concentrating on playing around with the permissions of /mnt/floppy, mount and fstab.

For the record, the shard of smb.conf follows:

# Floppy_drive [floppy]
comment = floppy
path = /mnt/floppy
read only = no
public = yes
force user = root


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