I'm running kivy on a Raspberry Pi. I accepted that apparently you can't get around the fullscreen, but I can't get the cursor to show either. I tried by adding

touchring = show_cursor=true

to the [modules]-section of config.ini (in my home directory and the root directory), but it's not working. In the [graphics]-section

show_cursor = 1 

is set as well, but nothing changes. Somebody know another solution?


For others, who might like me be bloody beginners on Linux/Pi/Python, and can't find the cursor.py-file: To simply add a cursor in your kivy-apps, add this to the end of the config.ini in "~./.kivy" (below the [modules] thingy):


There's obviously many different options you can additionally change, like the cursortexture and whatnot. But for me it was sufficient to finally see any cursor at all, so i didn't really bother about those other options.

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