Is it possible to communicate at the same time with raspberry UART(ttyS0) port Rx and Tx and ttyAMA0 (inbuilt Bluetooth) Communication?

In my current project, I am doing the serial communication of raspberry Rx(10) Tx(8) with Arduino, but I am facing problems most of the time raspberry pi Bluetooth socket down while serial or UART communication with Arduino. And every time I have to manually connect the Bluetooth from raspberry pi preference Bluetooth Manager? Please help me.


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    Yes it is possible. Use /dev/serial0 for the UART. – joan Mar 20 at 15:29
  • Hi joan ,Thanks for quick reply . Could you please tell me one thing that in between Raspberry pi3 b+ and Arduino logic converter is necessary? – BUBAI NAYAK Mar 22 at 7:52
  • The Pi's GPIO are 3V3. You must not send more than 3V3 to a Pi GPIO. – joan Mar 22 at 8:27

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