For general questions about the GPIO pins, do not use this tag; use [gpio]. This tag is for the npm (node.js package manager) module for controlling the GPIO pins on the Pi using JavaScript. It is unrelated to the pigpio C/Python library.

For more information, downloads, etc., see:

Please Note!

If you are not aware, there are a number of different pieces of software that serve a similar fundamental purpose (controlling the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins) and are independent of one another. Not surprisingly, they also all use spins on combining "rpi" and "gpio" in their name. Each has a separate tag and questions about their use should use that specific tag. This is documented here to prevent confusion.

  • The page you are on now is for the pi-gpio node.js (javascript) library: Tag
  • The pigpio library, written in C but with ports to python and other languages: Tag
  • The RPi.GPIO module for python: Tag

This isn't intented as an exhaustive list of such software, just the three most prone to confusion here due to the similar names perhaps made more similiar by restrictions on tag labels (all lower case, etc).

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