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I started coding since I was 11 and I think I will never stop. Love learning and building products.

I professionally focus on the iOS platform (Swift, SwiftUI and Objective C) and backend technologies for end-to-end solutions.

Playing with Raspberry Pi's, sensors, IoT and 3D Printing (along with Fusion 360)

Also learning Typescript, Firebase, ReactJS.

Past history includes:

  • 5 years Turbo Pascal on the MS DOS platform

  • 1 year Java on linux

  • 3 years .NET C#

  • 3 years VS, VBA

  • 1 year of C++ on linux

  • 2 years of C on linux

  • 6 years C++ on the Symbian platform

  • 1 year Object Oriented C on the Series 40 platform

  • 10 years on the iOS platform (Objective C and now Swift)

  • 8 year of Python

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