I'm planning to use rpi 4 8gb 64bit OS. Is it possible to run meshlab or matlab? I'm planning to convert data of a 3D scanner to a point cloud and export it as an stl file for printing. Please recommend any better converting program supporting Raspberry Pi 4 if there is one.

  • I am using octave on an rpi400 under Ubuntu MATE with no problem. It runs .m files just fine. Octave does much of what you would need from matlab. Dec 14, 2020 at 18:12

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Meshlab being open-source, there should be no problem running it on a Pi. The same is true for GNU Octave.

MATLAB currently has no support for ARM architecture. Apparently an aarch64 version is in development which will target Apple M1 CPUs, but I wouldn't expect it to work on a Pi.

Note that you can always run MATLAB Online on any computer with a Web browser.

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