Heloo folks, i am planning to interface a digital compass to Raspi, i am using Python 2.X i tried a lot for libraries but no use, i got a few of them but they were meant to use with Python 3.X but my in project till now i interfaced a few thing with Python 2.7 can any one help me with this? I tried a lot and am not posting without trying, when i try to detect the compass address is 1e ,which i saw in terminal i am using Raspian Wheezy. i am trying to make autonomous vehicle guided by GPS and compass i am done with everything except this Compass integration, which python 2.x modules to ue? i want to know in which direction i am heading using a compass.

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i got the solution i am using smbus module and code is referred from here, if you are using old raspi boards then usebus = smbus.SMBus(0)(rev 1) or else usebus = smbus.SMBus(1). smbus module usage and i2c tutorial can be found here.

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    May 5, 2014 at 14:49

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