Help with implementing pigpio on Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, running 64 bit Bullseye...

Following the instructions for installation of the pigpio library, found in https://gpiozero.readthedocs.io/en/stable/remote_gpio.html :

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install pigpio - reports: pigpio is already the newest version (1.79-1+rpt1)
sudo systemctl start pigpiod - reports nothing
sudo service pigpiod - reports: pigpiod: unrecognized service
sudo pigpiod - reports: Can't lock /var/run/pigpio.pid Can't initialize pigpio library
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    sudo systemctl start pigpiod "reports nothing" -> systemclt start only produces output if there is a problem, so that means the service was started successfully (or was already running, start will not do a restart). If you really want to know, use systemctl status pigpiod
    – goldilocks
    Feb 23 at 16:30

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It looks like the latest version of pigpio was already installed and the daemon was already running.

If pigs t returns a large number (changing each time) everything is okay.


Turns out pigpio is included with the standard PiOS Bullseye installation.

I wanted to install pigpio so that I could use PWM on Pi Zero 2W pins, which, from the resources I could find online, I understood was otherwise not available.

Under Bullseye (and the current Buster?) PWM is available on most pins through the gpiozero Python library.

Another case of read the (appropriate) docs.

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