Yesterday I noticed that I could not access the device which is far away and when I went to check it, the power led was red and only turned back on when I pressed the power button. I didn't find anything extra in the log files, I think there was a small power surge and the device was turned off. Is there any way to reboot Raspberry Pi 5 when it goes shutdown ?

I tried to change HandlePowerKey and using rc.local but they didn't work.

  • If the Pi5 is shutdown (however you do it; by command, button or power cut) it will boot when power is applied - just like any other Pi. If you shutdown a Pi4 you need to reapply power (unless you use the reboot button on pin 5).
    – Milliways
    Mar 1 at 11:17
  • I have the "same"problem. Even after a reboot command, the Raspberry Pi 5 is down with a red light on the button. I must press the button to boot the machine. Did you found any workaround?
    – Xvolks
    May 6 at 6:54
  • @Xvolks I bought this waveshare.com/rtc-watchdog-hat-b.htm
    – Azarakuss
    May 7 at 7:53

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I solved it with hardware watchdog.

My problem was that the Raspberry Pi would shut down and not turn back on. At first I used the built-in Watchdog in the Raspberry Pi 5 because I thought I could solve it in software, but while this solved a software problem such as the system not responding, it had no effect in case of sudden shutdown (short circuit, etc.). Therefore, I had to go for a hardware solution. The product I used is Waveshare RTC Watchdog HAT B but there are many different watchdog hardware available. It simply cuts the power when it does not receive a signal from a specified pin (set as D4 but can be changed.) and re-energizes. You can also use it as an external RTC using the CR1220 battery. Since the Raspberry Pi already has an RTC, the external RTC will appear as


You can find more information with

hwclock --help

Note that you need to use


for different settings.

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    – Community Bot
    May 7 at 17:09
  • @Milliways you are right. I edited my answer with additional informations.
    – Azarakuss
    May 10 at 8:32

maybe just shut it down the normal way like with raspberry pi models 4 and 4b, or if you can't do that probably just work with your Pi4 from now on. Mine works, and maybe it's better to use the old features than the new ones.

  • Raspberry Pi 4B can't handle the program that I run. RPi5's A76 processors are strong.
    – Azarakuss
    Mar 5 at 12:02
  • maybe not use your rpi 5 this time. I think if you stick with 4, you won't have much problems with this
    – disneyfan
    Mar 5 at 20:54
  • or you could buy a new pi 4, just because i think some product copies are better than others
    – disneyfan
    Mar 5 at 20:58

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