I am learning SPI with the RPi2 and after the first great test with CH0 now I want to make the following steps, but I have several doubts:


  1. What is the use of the pin 26 [SPI0 CS1]? That means that there are ADCs with two channel select signal? Any example?

  2. To use the channel 0 I have no issue, but to use the channel 1 I have:

return new SpiConnectionSettings(ChipSelect0)
    ClockFrequency = 500000,
    Mode = SpiMode.Mode0

Where ChipSelect == 0. simple.

Do I have to change something in the Writebuffer from:

public byte[] WriteBuffer = new byte[2] { 0x68, 0x00 }; 

to another writebuffer to read from the other channel?

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Finally digging in to the specifications and testing, to use the channel 1 you need to use

new byte[2] {0x70,0x00}.

It would be great if someone post the bytes for the MCP3008. At this moment I do not have any so I will test when I get one.

With that can be used to sensors with the SPI0 directly.

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