I have a weird example. My SD card was working perfectly fine until i wanted to change disty on it. It says image is loaded successfully, but not booting at all. I tried a 1GB SD card to test and that card is booting fine. Is there any chance to fix other card, it's an 8GB SanDisk SD card?

  • you could try redownloading the image and reburning it. You could also try copying the image from the working card to your desktop and then burn that image. – Steve Robillard Aug 23 '15 at 21:08
  • i have tried several images. All won't boot. Even the same one i loaded into 1GB card won't boot in 8GB card. – arti Aug 23 '15 at 21:22

Try with multiple SD cards with multiple distros. If another SD card does not work, your RPi may be damaged. If another card works, well your SD card is working. I highly doubt your RPi is the problem, since there was a problem with one SD card not another.

  • SD card works fine in PC, just doesn't boot in RPi. Is it possible boot sector is damaged? – arti Aug 25 '15 at 10:17
  • Maybe, seeing that it works with a 1 GB SD card, you are able to acccess the files on a computer but not on a RPi. However, did you check the file format you are using? (exFAT, FAT 32, etc.) – Human Aug 25 '15 at 15:29

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