I have already shared a folder inside my Windows 10 computer in this address And I would like to connect my Raspberry pi 2 to that folder so I can access all my files inside my Raspberry . The IP Address of my Raspberry Pi 2 is

I don't need a password to connect with Windows shared folder.

I tried to use this command inside Raspberry Pi 2:

sudo mount -t cifs // mount-point

I already have a folder called mount-point inside my Raspberry Pi 2.


mount error(13): Permission denied

I can access to that folder if I use smbclient, I just write

smbclient //

And the terminal shows me

Enter ismael's password:
Domain=[SALÓN] OS=[Windows 10 Pro 10240] Server=[Windows 10 Pro 6.3]
smb: \> 

If I write dir or ls the prompt says me :


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I believe you need to specify the option -o username=your_username on windows

I believe it will prompt you for a password or you can specify it with the password=your_password

smclient is looking at the share which anyone can do but accessing the files on the share is limited to people who have an account.

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