I am working on a project that makes use of the Raspberry Pi 2, a Raspery Pi camera board, and I want to output to the official Raspberry Pi 7" DSI Touch Screen.

If I use the picamera library, am i correct to assume everything will just work as if I was using an hdmi monitor?

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From the picamera FAQ:

6.3. The preview doesn’t work on my PiTFT screen

The camera’s preview system directly overlays the Pi’s output on the HDMI or composite video ports. At this time, it will not operate with GPIO-driven displays like the PiTFT. Some projects, like the Adafruit Touchscreen Camera project, have approximated a preview by rapidly capturing unencoded images and displaying them on the PiTFT instead.

Based on this I went ahead and purchased the DSI touch screen.

After receiving the display, I am able to report that everything works as intended.

So the answer to the questions is: YES!

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