I successfully followed all the instructions here http://www.adeepbite.com/apple-bluetooth-wireless-keyboard-trackpad-raspberry-pi/ to link a Bluetooth keyboard to a Pi with no errors and I still can't get input to the Pi when I press keys on the Bluetooth keyboard. Any suggestions as to why?

Thank you

(p.s. I've tried this with and without changing "KeyboardDisplay" to "DisplayYesNo" in /usr/bin/bluez-simple-agent)


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Later I got the keyboard and mouse working. I never had problems with the mouse but to get the keyboard working:

  • I unpaired the keyboard with:

    bluez-test-device remove 00:12:A1:90:39:A9

  • Then took out the batteries.
  • Then redid the instructions and on the last 3 instructions I put yes after them instead of just the second to last (on accident but it worked).
  • Also I was careful to ensure the keyboard was in discovery mode throughout the entire process.

There are lots of devices that might pair successfully, but do not function as intended. One device that comes to mind, is the Microsoft Universal Folding Keyboard that I use. It pairs fine to Linux deices, but it does not work as a keyboard despite the fact that it is presented as "universal". My advice would be to try different keyboards.

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