I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3 and I need to control it through my phone when I'm outside via USB.

I spent my entire day looking for solutions but none of them worked for me. I thought it might be simple just to control the Pi, (terminal) through SSH by using USB. E.g. A USB to micro USB cable plugged into my phone so I can send commands when I'm in the street with no internet connection.

Is it possible to do that With a USB cable? I also can't use a USB to TTL Serial Cable because it's not available in my area.

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The Pi Zero allows ssh over USB but the 3 doesn't. You can also access it through ethernet and serial. Another method would be to have an internal network. A router doesn't need to be connected to the internet to connect devices.


The Raspberry Pi 3 cannot act as USB device. The Micro-USB port on the Pi3 is also impossible to reconfigure for data transfer since the lanes are simply not connected at all.

The easiest way is to turn your Phone into a hotspot and have the Pi join that WiFi network.

Or turn your Pi3 into a hotspot and have your Andriod phone connect to it instead.

This does not need an real internet connection on either device !

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