I posted this question on the Raspberry Pi forum but got no activity. If it is a dumb question or something else, please say so...

While not often, I do experience power outages which stop one of my Pis and then usually results in the USB stick having the "dirty bit" set.

I know how to fix this manually:

sudo dmesg |grep sda1 ==> this finds references to sda1 in the message log.

If I see that it has reported a dirty bit for sda1 then I do the following:

  1. sudo umount /boot
  2. sudo fsck -V /dev/sda1 ==> answer questions based on the following output:

    fsck.fat 3.0.24 (2013-11-23)
    0x25: Dirty bit is set. Fs was not properly unmounted and some data may be corrupt.
    1) Remove dirty bit
    2) No action

    I reply this: ? 1
    More output:

    Starting check/repair pass.
    Starting verification pass.
    Leaving filesystem unchanged.
    /dev/sda1: nn files, mmm/ooo clusters
  3. sudo fsck -a /dev/sda1

  4. mount /boot

However, I would like to automate this in a script which could be run manually or during boot up. Can anyone assist or point me to a good reference? Obviously, I may also want to do this for the SD card OS partition.

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