When I try to add pin 4 to the export by "sudo echo 4 >/sys/class/gpio/export" I will get this error message.

echo: write error: Device or resource busy

It works fine for all other pin numbers though.

Also when attempting the code a kernel module, when I try to change the gpio pin 4 value to 1 (by "gpio_direction_output(4,1);", it will automatically revert back to 0 after a few seconds.


It is likely you have the 1-wire bus enabled. The bus is typically used with the DS18B20 temperature sensor. By default the bus uses GPIO4 when enabled.

If you don't use the 1-wire bus then comment out all the entries starting with w1 in /boot/config.txt and reboot.

If you do use the 1-wire bus you can pick another GPIO by modifying the w1 entry. See /boot/overlays/README for details.

  • Thanks a lot. You are right. Removing the "dtoverlay=w1-gpio" from the /boot/config.txt helps fixed it. – mitchytan92 Nov 9 '17 at 0:52

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