I have a game that needs SPI. In the installation instructions, I noted that SPI has to be enabled via raspi-config.

Now, I'd like to check in a shell script whether the user has activated SPI or not. How can I query the SPI state?


You can use raspi-config non-interactively to get the SPI status:

sudo raspi-config nonint get_spi

Which returns 0 (enabled) or 1 (disabled)

Similarly, enable with:

sudo raspi-config nonint do_spi 0
  • Thanks - corrected – ben_nuttall May 28 '19 at 15:06

SPI does not have to be enabled by raspi-config. It is just a convenient way of doing so on Raspbian.

Try something like the following to check if the kernel SPI device exists.


if [[ -e /dev/spidev0.0 ]]
then echo "SPI exists"
else echo "no SPI"

This isn't fool proof as you don't need to use the kernel driver to use SPI.

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