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How can I go back from static IP to dynamic IP?

In the past, I set a static IP to my Raspberry Pi 3. Now, I want to use it to other purpose and the subnet has changed. I don't remember how I set it to static. I have looked some questions but no one ...
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How to disable the dynamic IP address after assigning a static IP in Bullseye?

Background I upgraded my Pi3B from Buster to Bullseye using these instructions. WiFi is disabled on the Pi. Before the upgrade I had static IP setup and working fine by adding the following lines to ...
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Raspberry Pi can't issue dynamic IP address to Laptop connected via Ethernet cable when Laptop is also connected to home wifi

I am new to configuring networks so please excuse my ignorance if I have made some obvious and simple mistakes. For educational purposes, I am trying to set up a small wired network where a Raspberry ...
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Why can't my Raspberry Pi 4 connect to wireless consistently?

I'm a beginner when it comes to configuring a network through a Linux terminal. I was trying to turn the Pi 4 into a server but at some point, during configuration, I messed up the networking and had ...
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Unable to get IP address of Raspberry pi to give remote desktop connection

I am trying to give my Raspberry pi 3 B+ remote access using my windows laptop. I have connected raspberry using a ethernet cable and gave wifi connection to laptop. Then I tried making a bridge ...
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How to set static IP address with a backup if given address is not available?

I found this tutorial to set a static IP address: All this is fine! However, what if given IP ...
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Use static or Dynamic IP based on GPIO Pin

I have a switch on my PI and I want to be able to use a static ip or dynamic ip based on the switches position. Is it possible to get GPIO pin data in dhcpcd.conf?
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My LAMP server does not work after moving to a new house

I self host two websites on a Apache2 instance that runs on a Raspberry Pi3 (more info on versions and configurations below): Website1 is a a static website that I coded from scratch, while website2 ...
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How to have fallback to dynamic IP when static IP fails?

I have a headless raspberry pi zero. It is configured to be connected to home network and my mobile hotspot (Android phone). When I am home, I would like it to get a static IP, where I know I can ...
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dhcpcd fallback in reverse

I need the following action in my Raspberry Pi 3. When the pi boot, it will try to use static IP (which already configured) on an Ethernet interface. If it fails, then it will get an IP from the DHCP ...
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Setup pi with dynamic DNS on private network only

I'm looking for a solution that allows me to set a dynamic dns on my Pi only for local network, without the need to make configurations on router. In other words I want to set up a pi in a way that I ...
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No way to get external IP [closed]

I've successfully tried all these methods (got from other posts/questions) to get internet IP in Ubuntu but... curl curl curl curl Output: pi@...
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How to set IP to Dynamic?

I need help changing my IP to dynamic or confirming that my is IP to dynamic because I may have set it to static when I installed PiVPN. /etc/network/interfaces is basically empty
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