On the RPI I have two sessions running on two different terminals (tty1 and tty2). from the Pi directly connected keyboard I can change between them using ALT + > keys and even sudo cat /dev/vcs1 and sudo cat /dev/vcs2 for a snapshot of what running.

When I remote in vis SSH I can change to different terminals with [[ $(/usr/bin/tty) == "/dev/tty2" ]] and subsequently view snapshot with sudo cat /dev/vcs2

Is there any way to login to say tty2 and view in real time the active terminal output?

Also when remote SSH via my Mac (Mac Keyboard) The ALT key in most cases is the OPTION key, but this doesn't seem to work to quickly switch between tty windows? some have suggested "control + Opt + F1-F6" but this also doesn't work

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Strictly this question is not Pi specific.

Have you tried tmux (a terminal multiplexer) in lieu. This allows you to switch between multiple programs and allows easy switching between them.

In practice I haven't used tmux for years; when I want another session I just open a new ssh session from my Mac.

Alternately openvt can open a virtual terminal (you need a few parameters e.g. -s to switch to the new vt; read man vt). I am not sure if this works over ssh

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