I have managed to have the RPi's GUI with the aid of XRDP in my windows desktop.

My RPi is in the same network as my laptop but connected to a TV.

So I am using the RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) to do log on and browse the net, reboot and all the rest of it - and it works great - but - and the desktop I see is not mirrored on to the TV.

The only thing I can mirror is if I create a file on the desktop, and then delete. These are the only instances when I can make a change on the TV screen.

Q: Why isn't the RPi replicating what I do in RDC onto the TV screen? How can I make it replicate in real time on to the TV screen?

Edit: (11/09/2015) I would like to mirror the image on the TV screen on to my laptop with an alternative option to VNC. VNC is terribly laggy.


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