I have been trying to use my Pi as an AirPlay receiver for my home stereo system. To do so I first downloaded shairport using this tutorial, How-To: Turn your Raspberry Pi into a AirPlay receiver to stream music from your iPhone.

I was able to successfully connect to the Pi with my iPhone 6 running iOS 9, but only for a brief amount of time each attempt. After further research, I learned that iOS 9 is not compatible with shairport. So, I downloaded shairport-sync, which is advertised to be compatible with iOS 9, using this tutorial, but I had the same problems.

Any ideas on what might be the problem?

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I'm the developer of Shairport Sync. Could I suggest that you follow the guide on Shairport Sync's own README.md file, at https://github.com/mikebrady/shairport-sync.

It should not be disconnecting after a few minutes -- the culprit is often a poor network connection.

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