My ultimate project is relatively simple: I would like to tap my iPhone onto my Raspberry Pi 2 in order to change a setting, such as turning the brightness all the way up, on my phone.

I'm brand new to working with the RP2, and I couldn't find any documentation that would help a beginner like me. How do I add NFC functionality to the RP2? Any helpful links/advice/steps would be super helpful!

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    Try the popular NFC chip MFRC522, which uses SPI (you can keep the UART on the RPi), found a library using python after a bit of search. You can get those NFC modules quite chip on ebay. – Kong Chun Ho Jun 27 '16 at 14:24

Adafruit have a tutorial here based on their own NFC breakout board.

Looks like the outline steps are:

  • Use raspi-config to disable UART.
  • Download, configure and build libnfc.
  • Plug in the Adafruit NFC breakout board.
  • Do NFC things.

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