I have a script called "Arcade.py" that makes a cool fullscreen GUI and does other stuff. I want my Pi to boot and run that script, thus hiding everything else in the background.

I managed to configure .bashrc into starting that script, but it only works when I open the terminal. I've tried other solutions (like setting a service to start my Python app), but to no avail.

Given that I don't need anything else graphical in the system (bars, background images, screensavers, etc), is it possible to turn all default launched app that consume graphical resources off and, consequently, run only my graphical script automatically at boot?


You could use a minimal Window Manager (such as Openbox) with autostart. That way it will (probably) run.


Configure your Pi to boot to command line then enter :

startx python Arcade.py

This should start the desktop with just your python app.

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