I've searched around on this forum and other places for similar issues, but nothing has helped so far.

I have a Raspberry Pi Zero W and I bought the Adafruit PIOLED 128x32. I have header pins on the pi and I have the PIOLED plugged into (not soldered) the first 6 pins exactly as shown in the promotional images, like this: PIOLED on raspberry pi zero w

I followed the two guides here and here

Running sudo i2cdetect -y 1 gives me nothing, and running the [b]stats.py[/b] example script produces I/O errors.

i2cdetect results

Have I missed something or done something wrong? I've seen other adafruit forum posts request to see the underside of the PIOLED in case the connections are bad, so here's that image.

PIOLED underside

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Use jumper wires between the I2C device and the Pi or solder in place.

I2C needs a stable connection.

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