HW: Raspberry Pi 3, 16 gig hard drive

Relevant Output:

Starting dhcpcd on all interfaces...
Starting LSB: Autogenerate and use a swap file 
Starting LSB: Switch to ondemand cpu governor(unless shift key is pressed).. 


If I don't press shift on time my Raspberry Pi constantly resets itself. I used the Raspbian configured openhabian ISO image but my understanding is that this issue is part of Raspbian boot. SSH connection is not possible.

Otherwise image works fine.

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    We are experiencing the same issue--all of a sudden--with a CM3 module. I don't believe we are on the latest updated version, but definitely Stretch.
    – Beez
    Jul 25, 2019 at 18:55

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My raspberry pi has also suddenly starting going into a restart loop due to this.

I'm not sure why switching to the ondemand cpu governor causes a problem, but I've disabled it for now following instructions in this post: How to change the default governor?

You can do this by disabling the raspi-config service which, for me, didn't do anything other than switch to the ondemand cpu governor. Here's how:

sudo systemctl disable raspi-config


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