My PI 3 is currently running NOOBS on a Class 10 SD-Card.

I see multiple guides online, however I cannot find one that doesn't involve formatting the SD-Card.

I want to dual-boot another OS like Kali or Android (Emteria), aside from NOOBS.

I do non want to format the card in order to preserve the current OS instillation

How can I install another OS aside from my current one without formatting all the data and the OS installed?

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Simple answer - you can't!

If you search this site you will find recommendations not to use NOOBS, and if you want multi-boot use PINN

Neither allows you to add OS after initial setup.

Long answer - (On Linux nothing is impossible) Using a Linux computer you can copy/shrink the OS partition; perform a fresh multi-boot install then restore the saved partition. There are a few adjustments to fstab, cndline.txt etc. required.

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