I want a stereo output form the PI. The sound being played will not be a recorded sound rather it would be generated using a code (preferably python). For example, the program's input will be (x,y,z) coordinate of the sound source, Amplitude, The sound (maybe a monotone or a mix) and size of source. The output shall be a stereo output such that i can identify the (x,y,z) coordinate (like its done in a game- footstep sounds, firing sounds etc).

My question is how do do this using Python? Do i need some formal course on DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to get this done?


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Python has several packages with bindings to OpenAL, which is widely used for 3D sound rendering. The most actively maintained package is PyOpenAL.


There's very little DSP in what you want to do, merely mixing levels. No idea if Python is up to it though, I always use C++.

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